A prayer for Chloe

how do you pray for
a 4 year old
with cancer?

do you pray for
her parents
her doctors
or her?

do you pray for
or patience
or healing?

do you pray for
or courage
or normalcy?

is there normal
for a 4 year old
with cancer?

Chloe’s parents
are dear friends
friends whose physical distance
doesn’t change the closeness
we share

i can not attempt to say
i know what they are feeling,

but they have
so generously
shared what they are feeling –
and for that i am grateful

they have let me in
to their private pain
and allowed me
to be alongside

more than once this summer
i have found myself
weeping as i read their blog

more than once this summer
i have caught myself feeling frustrated
and then changing my frustration
to gratitude mixed
with a heavy heart

and my heart breaks
for Chloe

so i’m left
on my knees
earnestly praying
for wisdom and strength and courage
for Chloe and Kip and Christa
for her siblings and her doctors
for her medicine and her treatments
for comfort and faith and hope

for her healing

claiming 2 corinthians 4:16 as written by eugene peterson in the message:
“even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without his unfolding grace.”


3 responses to “A prayer for Chloe

  1. Becky, this is the best poem you’ve written.

    My heart is with Chloe and her family.

    “Wisdom strength and courage”

  2. this post is lovely and from a person who cares deeply.

    may angels be with chloe and watch over her
    through day and night
    look after her too
    a special little girl
    to her parents who love her so much
    and wish her well
    and recovery soon

    may moon glow and stars sparkle
    brightly to
    through the night
    untill day break comes soon

    may clouds lift and sun shine too
    may the peace joy and happiness
    bring her back to good health
    and full recovery too

    may little chloe
    wake up with smile on her face today
    with joy in her heart
    as we hope and pray
    this special little girl
    can go home from hospital soon
    and live her life
    and celebrate many more birthdays too
    as reading this blog
    about a prayer for her today
    made my heart feel for her
    and her parents
    and wish them well too
    may the lord give them there happiness
    of very good news too
    our hearts are with you little chloe
    as you are very special too..

    iam going to write this again on my blog as i write poetry so this special little girl gets lots of prayers from other people too
    .from kevin this pray is for chloe and you and her family too.

  3. I Give thanks for Chloe’s continuing progress towards being her vibrant self again! I am thankful for all that have endeared her and shown their LOVE and concern by continuing to support her and Kip, Christa, Martha and Henri. She is in my thoughts and prayers continually.

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