a friend and colleague – a treasure

to find a friend
so full of life and love
is a rare gift

she listens with purpose
cares with compassion
supports with wisdom
gives with generosity
laughs with a joyful heart

to find a colleague
so full of life and love
is another rare gift

she shares with understanding
forgives with grace
encourages with respect
plans with insight
engages with her whole being

and for me
to find both of these

good friend
good colleague

is a treasure
is my treasure

is you…

happy birthday jeri schultz



my brain feels full

my brain feels full

even in a moment
of quiet
i can’t shut off
all the things
that are filling my brain

it’s not always a bad thing
when my brain feels full
i get things done
i make lists
i am productive

but i am not calm
and my spirit does not feel quiet

my brain feels full of good things –

my brain feels full of challenging things –

my brain feels full
and my spirit craves empty

my life is full
yet i need moments of space

so when i find my brain full
i will try to make some empty spaces

to fill with



life is in a constant state of change –

some changes are good

babies are born
accolades are received
relationships are built

some changes are sad

distance creates loneliness
illness leads to limitations
miscommunication breeds frustration

time moves us forward
sometimes making changes
more difficult to understand

my daughter
reaching adolescence
is changing

my mother
fighting pain
is changing

my friend
accepting difficult life decisions
is changing

my husband
living with uncertainty
is changing

my family
growing and shrinking
is changing

my friend
moving away
is changing

and me?
what about me?
am i changing?

or are all of these changes

changing me?


each day there is newness
each moment i have choices
i will take on life’s changes

with hope…

sharing our pain

when people i love
are hurting,
my heart hurts too –

and i’ve been learning
it takes energy
to have a hurting heart

my mind feels
my focus seems
my passions have been

all because my heart hurts?

but i’m seeking some focus
i’m yearning for my passion –

it’s not gone forever…
just on a hiatus?

so while the people i love
are hurting,

i will be fine.

i will use some of me
to hurt with them

and i will use some of me
to rediscover my focus

and i will use some of me
to pour strength into the things that i love

and i will rest
in the knowledge that
loving others comes with a price…

the price of sharing our pain

which is worth sharing our love


today i feel limited
by pain
by tasks
by schedules

by life

and only i can control
my reaction to these limits

i can see my pain
as a restriction of activity
or a reconstructive resting

i can see my tasks
as overwhelming obligations
or challenging opportunities

i can see my schedule
as hectic rushing
or memorable moments

i can see my life
as busy chaos
or harmonious living

my limits
are only limiting
if i let them
limit me

so i will try to live


A quiet pause

my life is busy-loud

there are noisy schedules
and rapid appointments
there are distracting sights
and stressful deadlines

it feels like
i’m directing
the orchestra
of my chaotic life
and i don’t always know the song

but right now –
in these days that follow christmas,
i have found

a quiet pause

there are soft lights
and soul-felt harmonies
there are comfortable friendships
and a slower tempo

and i know
my busy-loud
will return


too soon.

so i am savoring
my quiet pause

(close your eyes
listen to your life
breathe a slower breath
find your quiet pause)

and hold it tightly
for as long as you can…


life is like a juggling act
balancing balls
in moving harmony

sometimes i choose
the balls:
books to read
friends to enjoy
places to visit

sometimes the balls
are responsibility:
work to accomplish
bills to pay
family to care for

sometimes the balls
are a mess to clean up:
relationships broken
deadlines looming
communication misread

but i am the juggler
i can control the balls

can i control the balls?

the balls can be
heavy and light and smooth and sticky and old and new
all together
being juggled

the balls can be
happy and sad and love and mistrust and hope and fear
all together
being juggled

so how do i juggle
the balls of my life?

i stay focused
i stand firm
i keep trying

and when the balls fall
and i know they will fall

i pick them up
and start juggling again

one ball at a time…